Gas Station Referral Form for the Scan Data Programs

Do you know that gas stations benefit from tobacco scan data programs?
Please tell the gas station about Skupos then fill out the form.

Distributor Representative Resources

Need a Skupos flyer to give your stores?

  • Click here to access a flyer that you can print or email to stores.

What should you tell stores about Skupos?

  • Simple Descriptions:

    Skupos helps stores compete with big chains through discount tobacco pricing and increased foot traffic.

  • In-Depth Description:

    Discounts help stores have competitive pricing and bring more customers to their store, increasing revenue.

    Skupos software enrolls stores and submits data for Altria, RJ Reynolds, and ITG Scan Data Programs. These programs pay retailers incentives, allow them to offer $0.50* off multi-pack deals, and $1.00 off loyalty discounts. The discounts are in addition to the buydowns the store may already be receiving.

    90% of gas stations are qualified for Skupos, and it takes 15 minutes to set up. The cost is $20 a month for scan data and multi-pack programs and $29 for the loyalty program.

    *some states pay more

Need a Case Study to Show a Store?

  • Click here to access a case study about an independent store owner who uses Skupos.

    Click here to access a case study about a chain who used Skupos before getting acquired.

Store’s Frequently Asked Questions

If you ever get a question you can’t answer, call us at (800) 559-1358, and we can address the question for you.

  • Does Skupos sell stores data?

    Skupos sends your tobacco data to IRi/Altria and to MSA/RJ Reynolds so you get paid. The rest of your data is shown on your dashboard which offers store-level insights. We only collect store's transaction logs which do not include credit card information.

  • What do stores need to work with Skupos?

    A good rule of thumb is if the store has gas pumps they are likely qualified for Skupos.

    Stores must have three things:
    • Be scanning products.
    • Have a Verifone or Gilbarco Point of Sale System.
    • Have a Windows 7 or higher computer connected to the Point of Sale.*

    *If the store doesn’t have a computer we can recommend a $100 laptop. Still, refer a store to Skupos if they don’t have a computer.

  • How much is Skupos?

    Skupos cost $20 per month per store for multi-pack and scan data incentive programs. $29 per store per month for Altria’s tobacco loyalty program (we will be launching more brand discounts soon which will be included in the $29 payments). There are no contracts, no setup fees, and no hardware.

  • When do I get paid and how?

    Tobacco manufacturers will reimburse you on a monthly basis for the multi-pack discounts you offer and will pay you quarterly for the scan data incentives. Payment will occur in your online account.

  • How long does it take to set up Skupos?

    Skupos takes 15 minutes to set up. We call you and walk you through the setup on the computer connected to the store’s point of sale system.